What is a Building Energy & Comfort Assessment ?

  • Comfort issues (too hot in summer; too cold in winter; certain rooms in home are too hot/cold; draftiness)
  • High energy utility bills
  • High water utility bills
  • Indoor air quality issues (drafty, dry air in winter; excessive humidity summer; unexplained odors or mold/mildew concerns)
  • Poor hot water distribution (takes too long to receive hot water)
  • Building durability issues caused by water intrusion (water leaking into home/basement)

Based on our assessment of your home, we commonly will recommend the following types of measures:

  • Many homes in metro Detroit were built prior to insulating the home being a standard building practice.
  • Even for homes with some insulation, adding additional insulation to attics, walls and foundations can significantly improve the comfort of the building, and save home owners hundreds of dollars in utility costs per year.
  • Properly insulating a building isn’t just about rolling out some pink, fluffy stuff. Dream DET understands proper installation practices for all insulation types, so that we can guarantee your home will perform as expected.
  • Most older homes were built prior to considerations for mitigating draftiness. Drafty conditions in homes not only can cause comfort issues, but they cause home air to be drier in the winter and humid in the summer.
  • Drafts are primarily caused through gaps and cracks in the home that allow air to freely leak in and out of the home. Contrary to popular belief, windows are typically not the main source of air leaks, but rather gaps in other areas of the home such as the attic and basement tend to result in greater draftiness.
  • Uncontrolled draftiness isn’t just an issue for energy and comfort, either. Unsealed gaps and cracks in the home can cause pests and vermin to more easily enter the home. Additionally, uncontrolled air leaks can cause indoor air quality and durability issues.
  • Whether you are looking to add air conditioning to your home, improve your home’s existing heating system, or want better performance from your hot water system, Dream DET will find the best, most cost effective solutions tailored to your home.
  • Measures often recommended include duct sealing, installing mini-split heat pump air conditioners, and on-demand hot water recirculation systems.
  • Dream DET is certified by both RESNET and the Building Performance Institute (BPI) to conduct combustion safety inspections of gas-fired appliances to ensure home owners have peace of mind regarding potential carbon monoxide and gas leak issues in their home.
  • Did you know that rates for municipal water and sewage services are the fastest rising utility costs in the country? Especially in metro Detroit, our communities having aging water infrastructure, which has led to rapid increases in water rates.
  • As such, homeowners can no longer ignore their water use, and should take active measures to reduce their water consumption. Dream DET can assess and measure your existing water use to help you decide which improvements make sense for your home.
  • For City of Detroit residents, water bills have risen significantly due to drainage fees (aka, the “rain tax”). These fees are assessed based on estimates of how much stormwater runoff may come from your property and enter city sewers. Dream DET can help unpack this charge, and help you figure out ways to reduce this cost burden on you and your family.
  • Home draft sealing is the primary recommendation to reducing dust, pollen and other contaminants from entering your home.
  • Depending on how airtight your home is, it may be advised to install a fresh air ventilation system. These systems ensure you have a healthy supply of fresh air in your home at all times, in order to dilute pollutants, reduce indoor moisture, and provide healthy levels of oxygen.
  • Special consideration is taken for any situations where there is significant water intrusion or mold into the home, or where combustion safety of gas-fired appliances may be an issue.
  • While Dream DET is primarily focused on home comfort and energy savings, we also pay close attention to details that may affect home durability.
  • Our assessments do not qualify as a “home inspection” but may provide valuable insight into basic observations of your home’s resilience to water intrusion and other issues that affect building durability.


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